Audio Conference Equipment

Conferencing microphone Bosch

Design confernecing microphone Bosch with built in speaker, 50cm microphone & dual channel selector Reference: DCN-DISDCS-Lprice : 20€/day

Conference central unit Bosch

Central power supply for DCN microphones Reference: DCN-CCUBprice : 60€/day


telephone set with built-in speaker & microphone – analogue connection

Reference: Polycom conference phone
price : 75€/day


external phone codec with XLR input / output – for analogue telephone line

Reference: Reportaphone
price : 100€/day

Infoport Tourguide

digital tourguide system with 20 wireless headsets / 1 handheld mic + 1 headset mic / all set in powersupply case

Reference: Sennheiser system 2020
price : 200€/day