Light & Speaker Stands

Tower lift 8m

Heavy duty lift up to 8m

Reference: Guil ULK 800
price : 75€/day

Monitor & Projector lift

elevator up to 2m00 high

Reference: elevator
price : 100€/day

Plasma floorstand 2m high

2m high floorstand – up to 2m50 is also possible – shelve available

Reference: plasmastand
price : 25€/day

Triple plasma floor stand

stand for 3 plasmascreens – 2m high

Reference: tri plasmastand
price : 50€/day

Monitor touchscreen design stand

Special designed stand for touchscreen applications – with built-in speakers and cabinet for computer

Reference: Borne touch lcd
price : 50€/day

basic stand for light

Manfrotto stand

Reference: 111u
price : 5€/day

Monitor & Projector stand

Stand : 1m20 or 1m75 high

Reference: karba table
price : 8€/day

Monitor & Projector stand

stand on wheels – height 1m20 – finishing with black molton

Reference: Screenworks
price : 15€/day

Plasma floorstand truss

trussstand 2m with floorbase

Reference: plasmastand
price : 20€/day