Microphones & Di Box

Wireless microphone

Tabletop UHF wireless microphone set

Reference: Shure ULXD8 microphone + receiver
price : 50,00€/day


Throw your Wireless Microphone in the Crowdprice : 50€/day

Table Microphone

Boundery omnidirectional microphone for recording purpose

Reference: Shure MX-393
price : 10€/day

Wireless microphone

handheld UHF wireless microphone set

Reference: Shure SLX/ULX & ULX-D SM 58
price : 50€/day

Wireless microphone

Bodypack with lavalier microphone UHF wireless microphone set

Reference: Shure SLX/ULX & ULX-D bodypack + lavalier
price : 50€/day

Wireless microphone

Headset (madonna) UHF wireless microphone set + DPA / Rode / Shure

Reference: Shure SLX/ULX – ULX-D bodypack + headset
price : 60€/day

PA microphone kit

Sennheiser Evolution 90x series + Shure SM series + all floorstands

Reference: microphones for guitar/drum/voice
price : 100€/day


standard cabled microphone Reference: Shure SM 57 / SM 58 / Beta 58price : 10€/day

Headset microphone

High quality & ultra fine headset / madonna microphone Reference: DPA / Shure / Rodeprice : 10€/day

DI box

Audio Di box Reference: Bss AR-133price : 10€/day

DI box pc

Minijack > XLR PC sound DI box

Reference: Dsan Stereo PC Di LSP-1
price : 10€/day

Audio Di + delay

delay audio / Di audio / compressor / gate 1 channel

Reference: Behringer Shark DSP-110
price : 10€/day

Stereo Set Condenser microphones

cardioid pattern, 2 x WNS 100 wind shields, 2x SG 21 stand adapters
Neumann KM184
price : 70€/day

Reference small diaphragm microphone

for drums, percussion, acoustic guitar and strings

Reference: AKG C-451
price : 40€/day

Reference condenser vocal Microphone

for demanding lead vocals and fine discrete recordings

Reference: AKG C 535
price : 15€/day


swan neck microphone + tablestand

Reference: Shure MX-418 / MX-412
price : 10€/day