Multi Screen Equipment

Multi Screen Processor S3-4K

Featuring 12 input channels, 4 PROGRAM outputs, 4 AUX outputs and 2 dedicated Multiviewer outputs, the S3-4K is the E2 image processor’s more compact sidekick. Under the hood, however, it boasts the same processing performance, image quality, flexibility and rugged durability. In short: all the tools you need to create a stunning live experience, in a single compact and roadworthy housing.
Reference: Barco S3-4K
price : 1200,00€/day

Multi Screen Processor 4K Full

Native input & output 4K Multiscreen processor
Multiple Layer effects
Built in Multiviewer
Fully equipt

Reference: Folsom Barco E2
price : 2200,00€/day

Console E2

EC-50 Compact event controller
Full show control
Instant Access

Reference: Barco EC-50
price : 200,00€/day

Cable set E2 – 4K

Complete cable kit for E2 Barco fullprice : 100,00€/day

Multi Screen Processor 4K

Native input & output 4K Multiscreen Processor
Multiple Layer effects
Built in Multiviewer
Reference : Folsom Barco E2 Jr
price : 1200€/day

Wireless USB video device

Wireless connection up to 2 computers – basic specs - full HD Reference: Barco Clickshare CSE-200price : 75€/day

multi image product

master & slave pc’s with watchout software for multiple imagesolutions in ultra high resolution – warping included – price per pc + software (2 pc’s are needed in basic configuration)

Reference: Dataton Watchout
price : 115€/day

Wireless USB video device

“The one click wonder” – wireless video USB transmission of all pc or mac ipad android images to projector or monitor – up to 8 connections with split screen 4K Reference: Barco Clickshare CSE-800price : 150€/day

Multiscreen controller

Small controller for Encore processors

Reference: Folsom Barco Encore controller SC
price : 200€/day

Multiscreen Controller

Large Console to controll the multiscreen processors

Reference: Folsom Barco Encore controller LC
price : 400€/day

Multiscreen complete kit

Barco Hydra multiscreen device – 4 pc inputs + 2 video inputs Delivered with Controll PC with iStudio software

Reference: Barco Hydra console + pc
price : 600€/day

Multiscreen processor

Powerfull videoprocessor for multiscreen & multi-pip configurations – all inputs available

Reference: Folsom Barco Encore 3ME HDsdi
price : 600€/day

Folsom Encore Cable Set + Ethernet switch

Set with – 6 DVI Folsom cables – ethernet switch 8 port + power supply – 6 straight UTP cables – 1 crossed UTP cable

Reference: PIPset
price : 25€/day