Struss Structures

H40V Truss

Very heavy square truss 40cm silver
Reference : Prolyte H40v
Price per m
price : 8€/day

X30 L Truss

corner – cross – or T piece in laddertruss Reference: X30L corner L / T or Xprice : 5€/day

X30 L Truss

laddertruss 30cm Reference: X30L Price per mprice : 2€/day

Baseplate truss h30v

Heavy floorplate for truss

Reference: heavy baseplate
price : 10€/day

X30D Truss

Standard structure triangle truss 30cm

Reference: Prolyte & ASD truss X30d
Price per m
price : 4€/day

X30 Truss

all types of corners and adptor pieces X30

Reference: corners + T-piece
price : 15€/day

H30V Truss

Heavy structure square truss 30cm silver

Reference: Prolyte truss h30v
price per m
price : 6€/day

H30V Truss

Multi 5 way corner for h30v

Reference: boxcorner
price : 20€/day