Translation Equipment

Induction loop collar

Enables users of hearing aids to hear translations Reference: Induction loop collarprice : 10€/day

IR receiver & headset

32 channel receiver with headphone – rechargeable battery – per 56 pieces in charging case Reference: DIS DR 6032price : 3€/day

Interpretor desk + microphone

32 Channel interpretor desk with gooseneck microphone Reference: DIS IS 6132 Pprice : 20€/day

Analog audio output central

Analogue output unit – 8 channels Reference: DIS AO 6008price : 60€/day

Central audio unit

central controll unit max 3800 units + software Reference: DIS CU 6110price : 60€/day

Infrared radiator

IR radiator – 8 channels – 25 Watts on stand + cable Reference: DIS RA 6025price : 50€/day

Interpretor Booth for 2 persons

Booth for 2 interpretors with ventilation set Reference: Audipack P1481price : 75€/day

Infrared Central Unit

8 channel IR transmitter unit Reference: DIS DT 6008price : 60€/day

Interpretor Booth for 3 persons

Interpretor booth with ventilation kit Reference: Audipack P1481 + extension kitprice : 95€/day